Pro-Business Environment

The climate is business-friendly and commercial interests are often accommodated with incentives and government-sponsored programs.

The Hudson Valley is part of a world class $500 billion economy that is larger than many nations. The Hudson Valley's foreign investment exceeds that of any other state. Its location is at the core of the most affluent market in the Western Hemisphere. In fact, this market is nationally ranked as number one in households and effective buying power.

The combined purchasing power of state residents pushes retail sales to $128 billion per year in New York. Commercial bank assets per capita are almost triple the national average. New York State exports total $44.6 billion per year.

Geographically, the Hudson Valley region is within a 750-mile radius of half the income, half the business sales, and half the population of the United States and Canada.

The region has six community colleges, two State University of New York Colleges, a medical college, a law school, 25 private colleges and varied business and technical schools. Private Industry Councils and state and county programs also provide comprehensive on-the-job training tailored to employer needs.

The professionals at Mansfield Commercial Real Estate work closely with the applicable municipal and governmental agencies, as well as the economic development organizations to ensure that a company has explored all of its options for expanding in or relocating to the region.